What Kind of Table to Play Poker on?

When you bring up the poker client lobby, you are faced with several options. You can play cash or tournament but you can also choose how many opponents. In other words, you can play heads up poker, full ring or six max. The strategy involved in all three are wildly different. That’s why I’m going to briefly breakdown the differences and skillsets required to compete in all three.

Six Max Games

Playing six max is the typical and most popular form of cash game around. They are less popular in tournaments as most mtt players prefer to play full ring games. A six max game is quite aggressive and rewards the players who navigate post-flop well.

You can’t play a nitty style in six max and expect to do well online. Texas Hold’em Questions have answered the question “how to play LAG poker” with a comprehensive guide.

Heads Up Poker

One of the purest forms of poker is one on one heads up poker. It has everything you want in poker, tension, aggression, reading and adaptability. To be a strong heads-up poker you need to have great post flop poker skills.

The best strategy for heads up poker is to win as many pots as possible whilst limiting your losses when your pipped by a better hand. This is incredibly tough and something I only recommend experienced poker players try.

To win at heads up takes game selection, selective aggression and an ability to play all kinds of hands. You can’t wait around for strong hands like you do in other forms. This is especially true if you play heads up Pot Limit Omaha.

Full Ring

Games that have nine or ten players at the table are known as full ring games. These games are common in live casinos and online tournaments where Texas Hold’em is the main game. Playing full ring is more about patience, hand selection and utilising position to beat opponents.

You need to be aware of your table image and utilise it effectively against your foes. A tighter and aggressive style of poker is more likely to work here. It’s possible win by playing loose aggressive but it’s more challenging to do. The fact is there are more likely to be premium hands around when there are more hands dealt. For this reason, playing careful from early position is wise.

Major Variants Of Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most well-known variants of Poker and is also probably the oldest one. The dealers provide initially with two hole cards and later on two community cards. The bets are placed over cards as the cards are distributed. The player with the highest rank of hole and community cards wins in the end. The players try to achieve the highest rank of cards which is a pre-set in the rules of Poker.

Another variant is Omaha Poker. Here, a total of seven cards are distributed. Four in one go and three community cards later one by one. The whole gaming situation is witnessed, the odds are weighed and accordingly bets are placed. The whole point is to create a strong five-card hand in the end to pounce upon the lot.